Cryptocurrency Resources

Table of Contents

1. Advice

2. Store


3. Trade

Buy and exchange

  • Fiat capable
    • LedgerX: Fixed fees, only USD pairs, delayed custody for up to 24 hours
    • Kraken: Percentage fees
    • Cryptocurrency focus
      • Binance: Lower percentage fees, US persons banned
      • Kucoin: Low percentage fees, US persons tolerated
      • SouthXchange: Low percentage fees, no US-based fiat transfers supported
      • Btse: Low percentage fees, US persons banned
  • Cryptocurrency only
    • Shapeshift: Fast, rewards program
    • FixedFloat: Fast, no registration needed
    • 1inch: Ethereum token exchange aggregator to guarantee the best price

4. Chart

5. Manage

Earn dividends

Automate transfers

6. Sell

Get more for each coin

  • Paxful: Trade Bitcoin for gift cards for up to 50% off
    • Read the safety tips before trading
    • Don't release Bitcoin from escrow before you get paid and you're happy with the transaction!
    • Consider getting verified to gain access to higher quality sellers
  • Purse: Trade Bitcoin for Amazon items for up to 33% Off

7. Mine

Participate at the fundamental level

8. Web Miners

Leverage web traffic

9. Donate

Send me money!

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