Evan's Git Website

Table of Contents

1. Personal Information

1.1. Contact methods

1.1.1. Secure

1.1.2. Stable

  • Gmail
  • tel:+14438407034: Google Voice

1.2. Website profiles

1.3. Enterprises

1.4. Resume

1.5. Career goals

  1. Enable people to direct and control their computing environment
  2. Enable people to communicate with their neighbors more effectively and efficiently
  3. Enable people to keep their communications and data private
  4. Give people more choice in how they accomplish these goals
  5. Educate myself so I can accomplish these goals more effectively

2. Resources

3. Org Files

These pages are also available as .org files for Emacs. Simply replace the trailing .html portion of the filename with .org

4. Why I made this site

I made this site to:

  1. Learn org mode

    Org mode is a powerful note-taking markdown language. A markdown language combined with Git and a logical folder structure means always being able to find your notes.

  2. Collect contact information

    I get to list all the contact information I want to share in one place

  3. Compile resources

    I get to share resources and research that I do on my own with others

Created: 2022-11-20 Sun 18:52